Spikey Tales Exclusive Kids Only Hair Salon

We are thrilled to share that Spikey Tales, our exclusive kids only hair salon will be opening soon in Greystanes.

Spikey Tales will be located adjacent to our regular salon, so kids will be taken care of in their own specialist environment. We can tame the tempers in the tantrum, and have them looking ‘hot’ without the fuss.

Our kid’s friendly staff, equipment and environment will not only keep the children happy, but will have them wanting to come back again and again.

Don’t worry if you think the kids will make your visit unpleasant! This will not be the case. If you’re one that loves to visit the hairdressers to relax in a child-free environment then the opening of Spikey Tales will suit you.  Catherine’s Cutting It will continue to offer the same level of service to you (on one side of the wall) so you can sit back while the kids are ‘next door’.

Stay tuned for updates as the opening of our Exclusive Kids Only Hair Salon, Spikey Tales, draws closer.

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